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Disney Planning To Shoot PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 5 & 6?!

When a film studio is already considering  not just one but two follow ups to a movie thants not even been released or in that matter a trailer released you may think thats a little bit sucidal. Its not for Disney as they already have plans underway to shoot movies 5 and 6 for THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise acording to  Hitfix.

“quietly telling cast and crew to set aside a major block of time in the very near future so they can shoot Pirates 5 and Pirates 6,”

Okay we know the franchise has been  successfull especially movie one and Johnny Depp has been fantastic as the role of Captain Jack Sparrow but after a few years since movie 3 had been released and we’re still 6 months until Stranger Tides is released (with no trailer in sight yet though it could be shown on Tron Legacy Previews on 17th maybe even before then on 13th!) you could say talk of further movies is a bit premature. It has been Disney best franchise and you could say we’re not surprised theres talk of further movies but its the same old question when should you say stop, no more movies for a franchise? If a franchise is very popular and the previous movie was a sucess or even a flop its always said its best to stop on a high before the memories are destroyed.

There is also many other factors also to take into consideration before talk  of further movies can take place; Can the movies original cast actually appear in the movie? If they cant who would replace  them and wouldif benefit the movie having someone else play those parts? You can only take so much of one character such Jack Sparrow before things get stagent but having someone else play a part that Johnny Depp has made his own wouldnt be worth thinking about, so if Depp is interested in been Captain Jack when could he do it?

Looking at the schedules Johnny Depp is a busy guy with several movies soon to start filming as well as ones to promote; Tim Burton‘s Dark Shadows along with Gore Verbinski‘s Lone Ranger are on the cards but there is also the small matter of promotion for Verbinski’s Rango and Stranger Tides  but things could get even busier with Dashiell Hammett’s The Thin Man along  Kathryn Bigelow‘s Triple Frontier. As for who will direct the movies no one knows yet, there’s even inkling that itcould be Rob Marshall the current movies director but we can say talk of who will do it won come out until after May 20th when Stranger Tides hits the cinemas.


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