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UK Trailer & Poster For Thriller CUCKOO

Verve Pictures have sent me the Trailer For a new independent British thriller from writer-director Richard Bracewell, CUCKOO which stars Richard E Grant, Laura Fraser,  Antonia Bernath, Adam Fenton and Tamsin Gregg. After been created in 2009 and doing the rounds of the film festivals, 1 year on the movie will get a theatrical release in UK from December 17th.

I wasnt sent really a synopsis apart from a brief outline whose in the movie but I picked up from another webiste some liners on the movie here they are:

“Polly is desperate to get out of her dead-end life. But when she has the chance to escape, her nearest and dearest have other ideas.Alone in her flat, sounds torment her. Voices in the darkness. Whispers of deceit. She knows she’s not cuckoo, but why won’t the noises go away?” (Cuckoo).



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