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A New MONSTERS Featurette on Gareth Edwards Q&A

This Friday in UK & Ireland Gareth Edward’s MONSTERS finally hits the cinema’s. At first I followed this movie via Cinehouse my other movie blog but didnt take much notice of the movie until the movie started to appear at film festivals worldwide. It was Edinburgh film festival back in June that really got me interested which folloed with the uk trailer for the movie been sent to me from Vertigo films I really looking forward to watching this weekend. From what Ive seen of the marketing there isnt really much resemblence of the movies like District 9, Cloverfield and similar movies apart from its a drama with a post invasion setting. Its a road movie with romance involved which just happens to be set on a sci-fi style surroundings.

Trailer Addict have posted a new featurette which i a Q& A session with Gareth Edwards who does his best to answer questions on the movie and what I do likeabout this movie is the fact in a day when so many mega funded blockbuster movies been made with very few actually been any good its the micro budget movies like Monsters which are actually doing the biz.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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