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SANTA4SALE Twitter Comp

Okay Boys and Girls did you take the photos of santa in Carnaby Street, London today? Remember when you read the post for RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE redband trailer I asked if you take you nice photos with a real caged santa?

So did you guys be honest santas listening and one slip from the offical lapand santa hunters you be dead meat! So you have here’s a nice little competiton via twitter we’re running with Icon Dsitribution, read on….

 On top of this great event, we also have a Horror DVD bundle consisting of Paranormal Activity, The Collector, Shelter, The Box and Rogue to give away via Twitter. To win, simply upload your photos alongside Santa at the event to Twitpic with the tag #santaforsale at both The People’s Movies (@thefancarpet) AND the Icon Horror (@prep2bscared) Twitter accounts.
We’ll pick the best of the bunch next week they’ll win the DVD bundle. You’ll also be in with a chance of winning further Rare Exports goodies from the Icon Horror Twitter.
Pictures uploaded MUST be taken from the aforementioned event, and uploaded to both The People’s Movies and Icon Horror Twitter accounts, with the #santa4sale hashtag.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale is in cinemas 3rd December 2010.

so good luck guys I want to see some ho-ho santa piccie magic!!!


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