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Is This Concept For The Space Jockey For Aliens Prequel?

Website Scriptflags have been sent some concept art which looks like its for Ridley Scott‘s 2 part Aliens Prequel. The seems to be based on what  the Space Jockey which if rumours/ gossip are correct will be the main focus of the movies (or at least part 1). As scripflags says there isnt 100% confirmation that the artwork is legitamite but looking at it it does look similar the big we found lying dormat in the original movie.

If the news is correct production of the first movie will be very soon and so who’ll be in it, Gemma Arterton? Noomi Rapace? Who’ll be Ripley? And do you think there is need for a prequel? Personally I do think there should be a closure on the franchise and the only part of the Alien francise still to be covered is there origins and after that this franchise should be laid to rest so we can end on a positive note.


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