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3 Awesome TV Spots For Coen Brother’s TRUE GRIT

Paramount Pictures have debuted online (via Traileraddict) 3 awesome TV Spots for Coen Brother’s updated adaptation of the classic John Wayne movie TRUE GRIT. The movie stars Jeff Bridges, Hailee Stansfield, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin and from the word go on this movie it obivious its going to be in the running for the Oscars and Im not a Western fan but its gritty intesned look it has its potential to pull in people like myself to check out a movie genre i usally stay away from. What a year 2010 has been for the Dude Jeff bridge since the Big Lebowski Bridges hasn’t realy shown much recently apart from Crazy Heart but with Tron Legacy coming up in December and this movie in January his name will be one the movie critics as well movie fans will talk about positively in the years to come.

True Grit will be out in UK & Ireland on January 14th 2011 and in USA on December 22nd.

Mattie Ross (Steinfeld), a 14-year-old girl, undertakes a quest to avenge her father’s death at the hands of a drifter named Tom Chaney (Brolin). Ross persuades an alcoholic marshal named Rooster Cogburn (Bridges) to join her in tracking down Chaney.

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