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First Trailer For Rowan Joffe’s BRIGHTON ROCK (updated)

The first trailer for Rowan Joffe‘s adaptation of the graham Greene’s classic novel BRIGHTON ROCK has appeared online. The trailer was yesterday exclusively debuted on Guardian Newspaper website but late last night thanks to QuietEarth you can now catch the new trailer.The movie has made a appearance at Toronto Film Festival but since then only a few images and a clip have surfaced, curiousity previal’s to see how dark as well as violent the movie will be and in the trailer we do see glimpses of the dark elements. The 1947 film version starred Richard Attenburgh as Pinkie Brown in world war two era but now its the turn of Sam Riley with the setting now 1960’s mod ‘n’rockers era.

The picture qaulity of the trailer isnt too bad and if a new trailer appears ill replace it, check out the new poster for the movie as well compliments of Empire. Brighton Rock stars Sam Riley,John Hurt, Helen Mirren, Andrea Riseborough and Andy Serkis and will be out in UK & Ireland on February 4th 2011.

*UPDATE 22 NOV, 2011* –

Optimum Releasing have sent me a copy of the trailer which is alot better qaulity, you’ll also find the offical synopsis as well along with some new images***

Adapted from Graham Greene’s iconic 1939 novel, BRIGHTON ROCK charts the headlong fall of Pinkie, a razor-wielding disadvantaged teenager hell bent on clawing his way up through the ranks of organized crime.  At the heart of the story is the anti-hero Pinkie’s relationship with Rose – an apparently innocent young waitress who stumbles on evidence linking Pinkie and his gang to a revenge killing that Pinkie commits.  After the murder, Pinkie seduces Rose, first in an effort to find out how much she knows and latterly to ensure she will not talk to the police. A love story between a murderer and a witness; can Pinkie trust Rose or should he kill her before she talks to the police? Can Rose trust Pinkie or is she next in line?





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