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First Glimpse of Karl Urban as Joe JUDGE DREDD

Before you say anything you’ll be wondering how can this be, Karl Urban already as Joe Dredd? Well boys and girls its your first glimpse of Karl Urban as JUDGE DREDD, well its not from the movie thats just started shooting in Johannesburg but its from his rehearsal. Thankfully Dredd wont be removing his helmet as he did in the pathetic 1995 version  starring Sylvester Stallone but more paying the rightful homage to the comicbook (which I grew up reading  and buying with my weekly doseage of Roy Race & Melchester Rovers Roy Of The Rovers!!).

Juno‘s Olivia Thirlby will be starring in this version as Dredd’s partner and I do hope this movie lives up to its ultra violent storyline and with the very respected Alex Garland on writing duties there is much hope the movie will hit jackpot. The image comes thanks to comicbook artist Jock who has been creating conceptual art for the movie and you have to say its a nice little tease!!!

source Jock via @Schofizzy.


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