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Date Set For Paranormal Activity 3

There’s no big surprise when Paramount Pictures annouced this news, October 21 st,  2011 will be the release date for the 2nd sequel to Paranormal Activity. After raking (and still pulling in) worldwide $156million (£120million) against a $3million budget .

No matter how good or bad a movie maybe when your talking money like what the second movie has made the plans where already under way for movie 3 and with movie 2 running like a  prequel/ parrell  style with the movies main characters been sister of Katie the ‘victim’ of movie 1 the questions will be asked, where next for the franchise? Will it go ahead in time or will they go back further maybe take in the 2 sisters family house fire when both where young? To me that could be seen as the logical solution finding out how everything started but if you look at that that would be the easy route, but could they mix history and future? What about working on the story of the sisters mum, they mention constantly to each other dont end up like mum, which doesnt suggest she is actually not  dead just mentally insane so we could go via the mental insitution watching the downfall of the mother through the cameras of the asylum?!

Everything is up in the air at the moment as we dont even know who’ll direct so expect rumour mongering going into overdrive with this one. You can see the point of why the plot of movie two wasnt revealed as it would have been a massive spoiler and no expected katie and micah to appear. Personally I actually enjoyed movie 2 better than movie one, as the scare factor was greater than movie one though there was less action in movie two but it was more compact, so what do you think guys?

source Bloody Disgusting & FirstShowing


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