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Welcome To The Anti Social Network – Offical UK Trailer CHATROOM

The Creator of Ring 1 & 2 Hideo Nataka’s new pyschological thriller CHATROOM has had its first offical UK Trailer premiered today. The movie stars Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass) Imogen Poots (28weeks Later), Hannah Murray (Skins) and Mathew Beard in a movie been described as the anti social network, a movie of cat and mouse using the true power of the internet for darker benefits chasing victims across the internet.

Chatroom has had a trailer around for a little while if you search hard and long you would find the trailerr for the Japanese release but the movie is been released by Revolver Entertainment and below is an clearer version. Chatroom will be out in UK on December 22nd.

Synopsis: When jaded teens Jim, Eva, Emily, and Mo meet William online, they’re seduced by his charisma. But William isn’t what he seems. He’s calculating and manipulative and doesn’t have time for people in the real world. Jim is vulnerable and has no idea how dangerous his new friendship with William will be. When Jim confesses he’s on anti-depressants, William knows he’s found a victim. He vows to help Jim get off his drugs, and the rest of the group fall in line. What begins as friendly advice to help Jim becomes twisted, and Eva and Mo realize the deadly game William’s playing, but the wheels are in motion. Jim is set on a path of self-destruction and is going to do the unthinkable. As Eva, Emily, and Mo try to save Jim, William begins a terrifying game of cat and mouse, chasing them across the Internet, shutting down their systems and cutting them off from his victim. Fantasy meets reality when William and Jim are face-to-face in rush hour on the underground. Without the faceless security of the online world, everything becomes real. It’s now a race against time to save Jim, but the clock is ticking… and we fear someone must die.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For more information check out their official website and Facebook page.

source 24FPS


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