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3 New Clips For Sofia Coppola’s SOMEWHERE

Sofia Coppolla next movie SOMEHWERE will be on our cinema screens from December 10th which stars Stephen Dorf, Elle Fanning, Michelle Monagahan and Benico Del Toro.

To many Coppola’s cinematic style is minimal her styling back by bold characterisation, brash story teling which is powerfull along with simple. One thing I like about Coppola is her ability to give experienced actors who may have disappeared of our movie screens a platform to let the world know there still here, it can also be that centre stage for a actor to re-invent themselve to once again try to claw back some of that old limelight thats gone. But most of all her movies give new talent a chance to shine too and in any business we always need to give new blood a chance to shine regularly.

Focus Features via there youtube page have posted 3 new clips from the movie called You Look Amazing, Your Really Good and I do My Own Stunts. What I really like about these clips is they show Johnny (Stephen Dorf) from different perspective: The Actor, The Father and the washed out man and I have to say its great to see Dorf finally get back into the limelight and get some better roles, you can say he’s slipped into the shadows pre Punlic enemies and post Blade.

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