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20Th Century Fox via MSN have unfortunately revealed the new trailer for BIG MOMMA’S: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON.

Martin Lawrence returns to the big momma fatsuit once again but this time he has company with Brandon T Jackson who plays his son who witness a crime and has to go under the witness protection scheme. Okay as big Momma and Daisy ‘he niece’ head to a All girls school but off course as the two perve at all the pretty girls they forget one thing there meant to female as well!

What can I say about this apart from its 2 minutes of pure crap in the house of pain, I hope that crime they witnessed was the execution of the director of this movie, but sadly people do like this franchise as £275 million was made worldwide a combined total of the first two movies, so there’s the reason why this exsists. As people may call The Dilemma an homphobic down to its joke that electric cars are gay, my friend calls this ‘fatist’ what he meant its anti-obese, I couldnt care less what it is, I wouldn’t waist my free comp tickets to watch this! If you do want to sneek into a cinema near you and then deny you watched it, its February 25th 2011, remember to pre-books your tickets!

Martin Lawrence returns as FBI agent Malcolm Turner in this third outing in the Big Momma’s House series. This entry sees Lawrence’s cross-dressing alter-ego, Big Momma, heading to an all-girls school with his nephew, Trent (Brandon T. Jackson), in order to hunt down a murderer. John Whitesell directs off a script by Matthew Fogel.

source Traileraddict

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