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Is Tom Hardy To Be In Abe Lincon, Vampire Hunter?

It’s been an eventful 12 months for Tom Hardy with an impressive performance in Nolan’s Inception, there’s also the possible part in Christopher Nolan‘s other masterpiece The Dark Knight Rises and we can forget despite the delay in filming as Mad Max in George Miller‘s Fury Road and now its seems he maybe getting involved in vampire hunting!!!

Bloody Disgusting have broke the news that Hardy has been offered the major support role as Henry Sturgess in Abe Lincon: Vampire Hunter a movie to be created by Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov. Sturgess role in the movie has been described by The Playlist  as a ‘meaty support role’ which has Sturgess as Abraham Lincon ‘advisor’ of all things Vampirism as well as the art of combat againt the nasty bloodsuckers too.

Hardy’s is one of the young hot property’s in Hollywood at the moment and its just a matter of time before the english actor gets that household name he deserves as its been a great year for him as well as future. The actor is currently filming for The Means War for McG which co-stars Chris Pine & Reese Witherspoon, there’s also a part in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy where he’ll stars alongside, Gary Oldman, Mark Strong and Colin Firth, theres also Gary OConnor’s Warrior which will be with us in 2011.

This is the second piece of news in the past seven days about Tom Hardy, a few days ago it was announced he’ll be possibly  involved in  Universal Snowwhite and the huntsmen and he is also been reconsidered for lead role in another remake this time for sci-fi action flick Total Recall!!!

You cant see Tom Hardy been able to sign up for everything thats thrown his way but its only typical that a inform actor will be rumoured to be involved in every possible movie going his way. If any the gossip going around Abraham Lincon Vampire Hunter could well be one of those parts Hardy may take but as in when shooting will take place its assumed sometime this winter which will see Tim Burton co-produce with  20th century Fox distributing the movie they hope to release June 2012.

source Collider


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