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THE PEOPLE’S MOVIE’S Needs YOU! Wanna see free movies?

Hey all movie fans fancy getting involved in The Peoples Movies (& Cinehouse)? A chance to get your hands on some screeners maybe review some movies previewed for the movie press or even go to a festival? Well The Peoples Movies needs you!!!

Okay The Peoples movies is an UK based Scottish moviesite-blog and Next month November 20th we celebrate 2 years in existance but times are getting harder now and I really need your help to keep the site afloat. You would have noticed the past month or so the postings on the site have went down drastically and there’s a reason for that, Im working again. Its hard times for everone when it comes to money in pocket so you’ll appreciate I have to work and money will keep this site and Cinehouse running. With exception of days off and holidays the site doesnt get updated  during the day as I dont get home until after 6pm sometimes after 7pm and when I was unemployed I had all the time in the world to update as well as review as many movies as possible. I have now a backlog of movies to review and write and with you guys been movie fans you could help me out. So what can you do?

REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS – Do you have time during the day to maybe do a few posts on news stories possibly the odd trailer ? You can also help out at night time as well

COLUMNISTSDo you have a lot of views serious or even funny , well the blogs the place for you to have a regular column, movie related get in touch.

REVIEWERS – I do get alot of dvd screeeners sent to me  and if you can get to London a-ok there is chance for youto check out movies weeks before there released. Reviewers in the past have watched 44 Inch Chest, Adventureland, Last Exorcism, Next Three Days, Due Date, Buried, Jackboots on Whitehall and many more great movies

COMMENTORS – Start a debate going with adding comments after new posts, help spread the post by adding them to other social networks.

DESIGNERS – The design aspect Im limited due toWordpress limitations but can you help with graphics for reviews, interviews, banners,etc? Get in touch

FILM FESTIVALSOver the past 12 months the site has been recognised by Toronto, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Berlin, Dublin, Vancouver, Tokyo, Frightfest,Raindance  many other festivals worldwide, so I can possibly help get you festival passess to review, interview, do daily reports on the festival, Ive been offered chance to visit but most because of where I am im unable to come but maybe you can?!

INTERVIEWERS – Fancy going to press conferences, standing in with the press at premieres or even do a phone interview with actors and filmmakers? come my way!

Cinehouse is my blog dedicated to the world cinema, arthouse, independent cinema I need help there too, basically the same ways i need help for this site i also do for cinehouse, how to get in touch to help cinehouse Here’s the address

If there’s something I may not have mentioned you canhelp with you know where to contact me.I’m a passionite movie fans I can’t do everything myself, I constantly get emails of support and positive feedback from fans, film studios etc, but I also get people asking great site but why havent you done this and that, simple I dont have the time to do everything and you guys can help me1. Yes I maybe a UK based site and some of the things I asked for help in you may not be able to do but there is plenty ways you can if your not British, internet doesnt have borders! The blog is rated one of the top 20 blogs in the uk and one of the very few sites in Scotland and I do get alot of people asking me to help promote there movie or festival so get involvd guys!!!!

If your passionite about film and want aplatform to express your passion for movies the peoplesmovies is the place for you and you can contact me for further info or join the the team at:


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