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Next Friday nationwide its time to watch the return of the Oren Pelis surprising 2008 microbudget hit PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 to our big screens. With the sucess of the first movie people are asking what different can a second movie be and how can you get people interested in movie 2? First of there seems to be a lot of secrecy until the last minute on who or what the story will be based on and even now we have a little more details we still dont have a clear picture of what the whole shebang will be on apart from a family with a young baby.

 Its great when some movies have surprising success but a question the filmmakers should themselves ‘so we really need another movie?’ and my answer alot of the time is no. Some movies are created to have only one movie and if you go into one or more movies youhave the chance of destroying the face of a movie with a mediocre follow up however some movies are created to have at least one movie possibly two to round up that storyline. As for Paranormal Activity I’m a bit unsure if theres any need for a second movie or not, we’lll find out next Friday when its released nationwide.

Below is the first tv spot from the movie there is the odd tidbit of new footage, so what do you think of having a movie two for Paranormal Activity is it spoiling the sucess of movie one? Leave your thoughts below

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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