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Adrien Brody Has Been WRECKED

E1 Entertainment via MTV have released the first trailer for Adrien Brodys next movie WRECKED, an intense thriller directed by Michael Greenspan. We’ve recently seen Buried with Ryan Reynolds been stuck in a coffin with no idea who or why hes been put in a coffin, what if you woke up in a middle of a wrecked car injured with no idea where you are apart from been a forest? Injured and no idea what happened what do you do ?

One way to start piecing the jigsaw together is watch the trailer below and catch the movie when its released in 2011, the movie also stars Caroline Dhavernas, Ryan Robbins, Adrian Holmes, and Jacob Blair.

Synopsis: A Man awakens in a mangled car-wreck at the bottom of a steep cliff. He’s injured, his legs are trapped, and he has no memory of who he is or how he got there. His only company – a crackling radio broadcast of a violent bank robbery gone wrong and a corpse in the back seat with a wallet identifying him as one of the perpetrators.As the man ventures beyond the wreckage, he must rely on his primal instincts, using anything he can find in the surrounding wilderness to increase his chances of survival. Confronted with overwhelming obstacles, both real and imagined,the Man must discover his identity and face the consequences of what that might be.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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