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Tom Hardy Casting IN BATMAN 3?!

If you enjoyed Inception you would have revelled in the fantastic performance from Tom Hardy, he was brilliant and we all moved onto to what we thought would be his next performance the lead role in Mad Max in the George Miller reboot but now thats hit a snag with it been delayed until 2012. So what now for Mr Hardy? Well it looks like Christopher Nolan  was also impressed with Hardy in Inception that Deadline are reporting he has been offered a part in the third Batman movie!

The information is very scarce at this time as we dont know what role he’ll be playing good guy or villian but we do know it’ll be a lead role and thats fantastic news too! So the talk will be now on what role he’ll get, like many of my fellow bloggers/site owners he would be a perfect villian and after his performance in the 2008 Bronson movie he would be ideal but who? The Penguin I would count out as it would mean he would have to gain weight and he maybe to tall to be that part, possibly a powerful crimelord but you can tell the rumourmill will point to The Riddler which would mean counting out possibly his fellow Inception star Joseph Gordon Levitt or could it be some unknown role? Batman comicbook world has thousands of villians many could be good enough to be a supervillian, at the moment everything is papertalk but all at The Peoples Movies HQ are thrilled that one of the best upcoming actors is getting the break he(or she) deserves.

Even with the delay of Mad Max Batman 3 should just fit nicely into his schedule  as hes just finsihed filming a big part in Tomas Alfredson’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and is now about to start filming This Means War for MCG.


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