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Over the weekend 24th International Film Festival of Leeds annouced its line up for this years festival which will happen in November from 4th – 21st

The festival is split up into 5 programmes: Cherry Kino which focuses on the contemporary experimental movies, Cinema Versa which delves into the world of documentaries ,  presenting the Human Rights & Underground Voices profiles an extraordinary series of radical ideas and maverick stylists. Fanomenon offers a fantastic selection of great movies from around the world as well a great selection of Japanese Anime  but you cant forget the festival annual  Night of the Dead X celebrating its 10th anniversary along with Day Of the Dead probably Leeds version of Frightfest with day and night versions. Official Selection offering a wide selection of UK Premieres from around the world all fighting  for the festivals Golden Owl award and finally theres the  Short Film City  the festivals short film programme.

The opening movie will be THE KINGS SPEECH directed by Tom Hooper (Dammed United) stars Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, Geoffray Rush, Guy Pearce and Michael Gambon. The movie is based on a true story about Prince Albert(Colin Firth) the Queens Father in his struggle to get rid of his stammer and he engages a friendship with Lionel Logue (Geoffray Rush) who helps him find his voice and guide the nation through troubled times. The movie had its world premiere at Toronto winning the peoples choice and what fitting place to show the movie in Leeds where the movie was partly filmed.

Some of the highlights of the festival are Mark Romanek‘s NEVER LET ME GO, aslo Aussie hit thriller ANIMAL KINGDOM, Palm D’OR winner UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAN RECALL PAST LIVES, Pissed off Santa in RARE EXPORTS, METROPOLIS and RED, WHITE AND BLUE. I’m also angry with my self that I missed a chance in Glasgow to catch a screening of the Anime REDLINE which will be screened in Leeds as part of the Anime all dayer which runs in conjunction with the Comic Bubble comic convention which happens in the city at the same time.

The festival’s tickets will cost £80 for a single pass or £140 for two people giving you access to the whole event. The Night (& Day) of the dead festival pass costs £30/£25 (concessions) with a joint pass costing £50(£30 concessions). As ever the tickets for the movies will be bought up quickly  so if your interested in going its best to get in fast to avoid dissapointment, for full details on how and where to book go to the festivals tickets page.

Over the next seven days I am updating the festivals page (apoligies for it now been blank due to errors with the server some how not saving the posts properly) and I hope to post information on the movies as well as trailer links too.

Offical Website link



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