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traThe Second Trailer For THE DILEMMA

Yahoo Movies have debuted the second trailer for THE DILEMMA the new comedy from Ron Howard. It was only a few weeks ago we found out Electric Cars are Gay, well according to vince vaughn’s character Ronny but to many thats a offensive gay joke and this new version of the trailer has now been removed.

The Dilemma is a movie about that brotherly love of good friends Ronny and Nick (Kevin James) pals since school and Nick is the married of the two but what if your best friend caught your wife with a younger man. Both Ronny and Nick are design partners with the prospect of landing the dream project how can a best friend approach his friend and tell him his wife is cheating on him?My first problem with this movie is Vince Vaughn and Kevin James as our lmovies lead actors, there not the names that would get my bum on a seat to watch this and secondly its not funny either!

THE DILEMMA also stars Winona Ryder, Jennifer Connolly, Channing Tatum along with Queen Latifah and will be out early 2011 (USA January 14th, 2011).

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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