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Spiderman Reboot Gets There Mary Jane Parker

It was one of the biggest frustrasting is it him or is it him times to find out Marc Webb‘s Spiderman and when many believed they knew who Peter Parker and bang its Andrew Garfield. So the long waits over and now the focus was on who’ll be the the baddie and who would be the female lead and rumours first came out that Mary Jane  Watson Peter Parker’s Love wouldnt be in it but Gwen Stacey, so now it looks like Mary Jane and Gwen Stacey will be both in the flick and according to  Deadline  Webb  has his MJ, Emma Stone.

Zombieland, Easy A star looks like she has been offered the pivotal female role and it looks like shes been the favourite throughout the gossip but at this stage nothing has been offically confirmed but news of confirmations seem imminent. Even if Stone is named MJ there’s no news that in this new version she’ll be Spidey‘s main love interest as Gwen Stacey could be the main interest and there’s also been big talk on who would play  Stacey’s part too. Dianna Agron, Mia Wasikowska, Georgina Haig and Dominique McElligott all chasing the part a role to me sounds the better of the two in this version as it seems Stacey may have more screen time than MJ.

So what do you think of who looks likely to play Mary Jane? If you didnt agree who should have been chosen? post your thoughts in the comments below.


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