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VAMPIRE SUCKS Has A New UK Internet Trailer

What have Bella, Edward, Jacob, Vampires, Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas all got in common? There all in The new spoof movie VAMPIRE’S SUCK which will be out in the UK on October 15th.

Well its not the real ones but parodies of all of them and when it comes to spoof parody movies there usually big flops but when this movie came out in August in USA it was a surprise hit at the box office and much is expected for it to do a decent box in UK and Ireland. I think we can say its probably down to the resentment by alot of movie fans towards the Twilight Franchise so a chance to take the rip out off something they despise so much but even the hardcore of twilighters outthere could have a chuckle at this and look back “was I really like that?!”

In marketing interactive trailers as well as ‘Internet only’ Trailers seem to be the big thing nowdays and 20th century fox UK  have just sent me the new Internet trailer for Vampire’s Suck, so check it out below:


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