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The First Trailer For THE FIGHTER ‘wrestles’ its way online

At last we finally get a look at THE FIGHTER the David Russell flick starring Mark Wahlberg that chronicles the true story of boxer ‘Irish’ Micky Ward and his Brother as well as trainer Dick Eklund played by Christian Bale.

The movie has had more 12 rounds than a Mohammed Ali fights simply due to so many setbacks with first off all Darren Aronofksy who wanted to do this project for a longtime, he pulled out at the last minute also the movies two leads where originally Matt Damon (as Micky) and Brad Pitt! So you could say David Rusell go his ko when he bagged Mark Whalberg and Christian Bale instead and we cant complain.

Looking at the trailer I do see alot of elements of Rocky, but really what this movie does have or at least aiming for is to get into Oscar contention and with the true story of an underdog aiming to be the best along with a dysfunctional family alot of things the jury look for in a contender. If they will be a winner I dont know but I think they will be good for an  nominee at least.

If you love a movie of a battler or an former bigtimer who lost their way due to problems inside and out like family, etc check out this movie and Micky Wards story is one of those remarkable stories of true underdog winners. The ladies in this movie pack a fine punch too with Amy Adams along with Melissa Leo giving us a fine supportive roles.

The Fighter wont be out in the cinemas for another few months February 6th, 2011 to be precise but if your from USA you can catch the movie sooner on December 10th

The trailer comes courtesy of Apple


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