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Brand New U.K Posters For Spoof Vampire

Its already been out in America but next month on October 15th VAMPIRES SUCK will be released here in the UK & Ireland. If your a Twihard you may not like this but maybe you will if you have a sense of humour but Twihaters love this one as its nearly 1 half hours of mocking your favourite heros from the Twilight Saga Franchise especially New Moon and Eclipse as well as Lady Gaga!!! Oh Yes!!!

The movie was a surprise minor hit Stateside as parody are usually flops but I think we can say the fact its a spoof of Twilight and with exception of the Twihards worldwide the franchise is hated by many, so many welcome a silly movie. 20th Century fox have sent me the new posters for UK basically the same but different format.


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