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THE LAST EXORCISM: Video Interviews

When I first saw the start of the marketing for THE LAST EXORCISM I didnt really take much notice of it expecting it to be a movie that would end up direct to DVD.

Move on a few weeks and Optimum Releasing started sending me some of the marketing and I was hooked on this movie, a few weeks ago A friend watched a preview screening of the movie down in London and the review was very positive and yesterday I was fortunate to see the movie myself and the hype is worth it!

The movie is a slow burner and when the reverend Cotton Marcus gets to the farm thats when the fun starts and throw in a few twists and turns you have a terrifying movie (well the dozen or so teen girls non stop screaming helped with the experience!).

Our good friends at Screenrush recently caught up with director & Producer Daniel Stamm, Eli Roth along Ashley Bell and Patrick Fabian and had a chat about the movie.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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