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Winners of The Last Exorcism Competiton

A big thank you to everyone who entered the competiton to win the signed poster and t-shirt for The Last Exorcism. Over 250 people entered the competition and now the competiton is closed its time to annouce our 2 winners!

To win they had to answer the following simple question:

Which of these horror films did producer Eli Roth write and direct?

a)    The Crazies

b)    Hostel

c)    Saw


The lucky winners are:

  • TBC
  • Dean Smith, Glasgow

The winners have now been notified by email

Many Thanks for entering I do hope to have a comp running very shortly and big thanks to all the support you guys give the website, please keep up the support and show the constant doubters that my website is genuine as well as the competitions!

To find out more about the film visit
To watch the trailer, visit Here
To read the movie review , visit here


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