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BACK TO THE FUTURE VIDEO GAME – Concept Art For Marty & Doc

I cant beleive that Back To The Future is 25 years old!!! Well I was 10 when I watched the movie at the cinema and I loved every bit of the movie along with the two sequels and even today it still stands out. Back in June News came out that Telltale Games are to make an Back To The Future video game based on the original 1985 movie and below you can see the first conecept art for that game which shows our heros Marty McFly and Mad Doc Brown.

To keep the game as authentic as possible Christopher LLoyd will voice his character “Great Scott!!!” with  Bob Gale the writer of the original movie scripts involved in the development of the game and its ‘five’ episodes according to USA Today.The famous DeLoreon time machine and Sun Valley along woth other characters from the movies are expected to crop up within the game with 1985 time period and assuming 1955 too.

This is great news for Back To The Future fans who want to celebrate or even grab a blu-ray/DVD  version of the aniversary version of the movies but if your lucky to be living in UK remember you have another chance to see the movie on the big screen from October 1st!

Source LiveForFilm


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