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Writer’s Wanted For The Peoples Movies

I love getting comments on the blog its welcoming and I thrive that people are enjoying what im doing but the past few months its been a massive struggle as what shock some of the people is that I do the whole thing myself.Trying to balance  work and freetime is very tricky and from next week its going to be even harder as I star on a new job so any new posts wont happen until night which means nothing happens during the daytime.So what Im asking is for you to helpme out a little, so what ways?

I need news writers, people who could help out scouring the internet for good news stories and write a post on it, maybe write a review as one comment I get alot is why was there no reviews for x,y,z? Simple there’sonly me and I dont have the money or the time to go and watch every movie out there so you guys can write a review  and help out and keep the blog alive.Maybe you want to post trailers, tv spots, featurettes or even clips from some of the upcoming movies. There’splenty room for everyone and I dont want to stop the blog now, yes you may say well these blogs survive but do they have just one person blogging? and if they do how many times do they post articles and what time do you usually see the posts appearing?

I’m not looking for regular contributors though if you want to join the the team of me myself and I you are more than welcome to do so,the more the merrier,if your passionate about movies as I am Im giving you a chance to be creative and write about what you love most movies. So now you want to help how do you go around helping? Two ways I have some limited spaces within my account to let some writers get limited access to my dashboard to write those posts but the more popular way is to just simply email me and I can then copy over onto a  page.

I do get have a few people who help out every so often in reviews but I cant rely on there help all the time that would be unfair as they have there own sites to work with. If hollywood isnt your cup of tea and you prefer the more arthouse/indie/world cinema I am also looking for help at Cinehouse too so get in touch there as well.

As in further information on what to do, etc…   email me at I hope you can help,Ive had people email me to help me then when I reply they just ignore you, probably Im not big enough



Writers – to help with new, scoops, posts, reviews, trailers
location of writers – anywhere in the world




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