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Rick Moranis May return to Ghostbusters 3 and bring another familar character with him

I wonder if this is going to really ever get off ground zero and actually become reality, Ghostbuster 3 a movie many of its fans have been crying out for years and early this years things look like its becoming reality. So first things you want to get the old team together right? yes if we can get them all or we’ll use loads of new young actors as the team with  the old cast ehhh doing something else. Bill Murray seems to been the pain in the backside of this project with yes im in, no im not yes im in but as a ghost,blah,blah,blah. So we’ll say for now its looking good for a release in 2012

There was a period where quite alot stories where coming through for the movie but things died down probably after Bill Murray’s outburst at the movie that Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis want to make but the rest of them? well good question Sigourney Weaver possibly , billy Murray could be but only as a ghost apparently a mentor to the new genration of ghostbusters but Venkemen will have at least one genreation of his family tree onboard in human form thats baby oscar the love child from movie 2 he had with Dana (weaver). If I was Murray or even any sane actor would want to work on a movie that has Year One one scribes Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky onboard to write script  I dont blame Murray for his outburst but Im not conviced that he’s onboard anyway until we here it straight from the horses mouth.

Bloody Disgusting are telling us that one other oldboy will be coming back or at least considering it that Louis Tully aka Rick Moranis considering! For the last few years Moranis has only been lending his voice to tv and movies and this would be his first movie since the 1996 Big Bully movie. But honestly do we care anymore? I dont personally now maybe a few years ago I did but the shennigans and lack of information apart from ‘yes there’s going to be a third movie’ i’ve given up hope.

source MTV


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