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New Clip &Promo Spot for DEVIL, Daniel Stamm To Direct M. Night Shyamalan 12 Strangers?

a new scary clip has appeared online for the M.night Shayamalan produced DEVIL thanks to.MTV.

There’s a cringe feeling sinks through your mind when you include Shyamalan’s name in any sentence but this movie is from the ‘mind’ but it still leave you very skeptical of anything he’s involved in. However Shyamalan’s involvement in this is he created the night chronicles and has produced this movie and with the recent great trailer there is some hope this could do well.

Just below the clip is an new promo spot posted online by Universal Pictures via our good friends at HeyUguys.

Staying with heyUguys who recently at the Frightfest caught up with THE LAST EXORCISM director Daniel Stamm who was able to tease them with some juicy bits with his next possible project

My next project is a supernatural thriller and it’s not going to be shot in documentary style… One of my favourite filmmakers in the world, whose a legend, is producing it… …an idea of his that another writer is writing and I’m going to direct. It has a twist in the ending, without giving away who it is.

At this little round table chat some big hitters as in directorswhere thrown in Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan along with M. Night Shyamalan and heconfirmed one of those namesis correct. As Llloyd Grossman would say ‘let’sLook at the evidence’ The HeyUguys gang did some researching and digging and the evidence is leading them to guess that Shyamalan’s 12 Strangers could be the movie he’ll direct.

12 Strangers is to be the second movie in the Night Chronicles trilogy with the first been Devil out in USA on September 17th but still no UK orIrish release date yet. With the Devil only a few weeks away an offical statement is due anytime on the follow up movie.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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