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Check Out The Awesome of Awesome Awesomness SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD 3D Poster

The day is nearly here folks! Wednesday 25th August is that epic of epic epicness of days the UK& Irish release of Scott Pilgrim Versus The World!!! I know some lucky souls have been able to see the movie and last week the movie was released in USA and so far the feedback has been 75% positive towards 25% either disappointed or unsure what to think. I am hoping to see the movie myself tomorrow or Thursday so expect a review over the weekend and from tomorrow I’ll start posting those video interview ive promised you guys for a while too.

Whilst searching for some epic goodies for you guys to enjoy over at IMPAwards whilst I got you guys the UNstoppable poster in the previous post I found this awesome of awesome awesomness of a poster. It’s a 3D poster of the Scott Pilgrim movie poster and Michael Cera aka Scott is giving it all his love on that rock guitar, its painfull been stuck bent over a guitar on a poster so the reactions on his face say it all (joke, I know has been stuck there all this time).

So who has been lucky to see this?


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