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Noomi Rapace Heading For The Glitz & Glamour Of Hollywood

The Girl Who Played With Fire the follow up to the sucessfull The Girl With Dragon Tattoo movie  hits the UK &Ireland next Friday on August 27th. The movie follows Lisbeth and Mikael as they try to uncover a sex Trafficking ring which possibly involves some Swedish government officals and abuse of underage girls. Lisbeth has to go on the run as she is accused of several of the murders and Mikael must work to clear her name.

I havent seen the first movie yet but I am making sure next Friday the second movie will be on my agenda and Lisbeth Salander or Noomi Rapace is making alot of friends over in Hollywood recently due to the movies sucess. At first she has declined early offers to come to hollywood but according to Deadline that mayber about to change as several studio’s have her on top of there wishlist for some of their upcoming movies.

Warner Bros for Sherlock Holmes 2, Paramount would love to see Noomi in Mission Impossible 4 as in what parts she may play are unknown. Deadline also say the actress has also been talking to several directors in the possiblity of appearing in their movies too, Brad Fischer (for The Last Voyage of the Demeter), James McTeigue (for The Raven), Tommy Wirkola (for Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) and McG (for This Means War). And Brett Ratner.There was even mention of her chatting to Ridley Scott but the report doesnt mention what the chat was all about, possible the Alien Prequels or it was Noomi Rapace’s chance to tell Scott how much she loved his movies she grew up watching.

Whatever happens Noomi Rapace has opened up new windows of opportunity down to the success of the Millemum Trilogy worldwide, on previous attempts of getting her into Hollywood limelight failed shows the actress does have a cool level head and wont jump into every movie she is offered. Only her herself will know when the time is right and what projects are right for her, but what offers should she take when those who want her dont really know what parts they can offer her apart from ‘you’ll be good in our movie’. She doesnt let success go to her head but if her publicists have her way she could be in the running for an Oscar nomination, well she has already won the Swedish equivelent but does she want the hassel of the Hollywood one?

“They’re shocked to find she’s nothing like Lisbeth. They go into the meeting to ask if they have a villain, and they leave wondering if they have a female lead…”

The Girl Who Played With Fire will be on national release in UK and Ireland from August 27th, check out the UK trailer below:


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