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Darren Lynn Bousman is making “11.11.11” date for us

Darren Lynn Bousman the director of movies 3,4 and 5 of the SAW Franchise is  looking to target movie audience with a different type of macbre with a numerical thriller 11.11.11 . According to Heat Vision Bosman is to direct with Wayne Rice the brainchild of this project which will be released on, have a guess? Correct 11th November 2011!!!

You can see Rice is playing on the novelty of 11.11.11 fallen on a Friday the typical new movie release day stateside as well  as here and why not bring in a horror/thriller theme who better than Bousman?! So the 11.11 phenomenon is to focus on the emergance of certain people with alerts to the presence of angels and other guardians trying to communicate with those people, Conspiracy theorists also point to the number 11’s involved  in historical events which to many of us would be coincidence.

After munching away on a bunch of pasta the pair chatted over the 11’s theory and making it into a  supernatural story that would that “will take on the idea of 11 gates of Heaven and how on 11:11 on the 11th day of the 11th month, the 11th gate will open up and something from another world will enter the earthly realm for 49 minutes.”

This sounds like another Number 23 (Jim Carey) which did have potential but was just disasterous at the box office though they said this movie would be more like Signs than Saw. The budget for this movie is looking at around $11million with filming to start around  end of the year if not early 2011 with Bousman apparently working on the script now.

source Heat Vision


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