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Has Vaughn Found his Moira McTaggert in Rose Byrne?

Movie Con has brought even more casting news for Matthew Vaughn’s X-MEN:FIRST CLASS to the fold with esterday the news of Jason Flemyng to play Azazel the teleporting el diablo creature whom happens to be Nightcrawler’s dad and today it seems Moira McTaggert role may be filled too.

According to THR they are reporting that Rose Byrne (Knowing, 28 Weeks Later, Damages) is in final negotiations to play Scottish Scientist Moira McTaggert a part many beleived would be Rosamund Pike. In comicbook world McTaggert is a collegue of Professor Xavier, genetics expert and at one time fiancee of Charles Xavier too, she is probably going to be the only 100% human character in the movie too! Like some of the other characters been mentioned for this movie Moira McTaggert’s part is alot more indepth than some of the others as she is one of the founders of the academy and helped many of the young mutant students too and though to some her character maybe uknown this wont be her first time onscreen as she briefly appeared in X3:Last Stand played by Olivia Williams.

Shooting for the movie which is to take place in London will happen later this month so time fast approaches the start and finally Matthew Vaughn is filling up the vital roles now but still the actual storyline is still under wraps, so we have no idea what plot there be which is probably why Kevin Bacon’s role hasn’t been revealed which suggests by letting the world know who he’ll play would give the storyline away!

So who can we say will be there when filming starts? James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Caleb Landry Jones, Nicholas Hoult, Alice Eve, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, Ed Gathegi and Jason Flemyng.

So what are your views on this X-Men Movie? Excited? Bored to death of Comicbook movies? I wonder how well Byrne’s Scottish accent will be like, probably like the rest of them very bad and sterotypical and nothing like a Scottish accent!!

source EMPIRE


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