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The Week In Cinehouse.No 6 – The weekly goings on at my other blog

Well another week has gone and here we are with the second installment of my weekly roundup of whats happened during the week at Cinehouse my other blog which focuses on the indie/arthouse and foreign movies through trailers, news,views,reviews, movie shorts. Please click on the links to go the trailer


Monday 9th  – 15th August  2010

This seemed to be the busiest week since I started this post as it was the first time I’ve had to actually say no to some trailers, but lets get on with it and see what we had this week. Monday 9th week got offer to a Chinese adaptation of a Coen Brothers movie with the trailer for A WOMAN, A GUN AND A NOODLESHOP. Tuesday 10th Gasper Noe’s Long awaited Norther American Release of ENTER THE VOID finally got an American trailer, frustrated that no news on a UK release but I later found out the UK release of the movie will also same as USA September 24th! This weekend in UK the oscar winner for best foreign feature THE SECRET IN MY EYES was released and Tuesday I posted the UK trailer, also the same day I posted the UK trailer for Japanese movie CONFESSIONS OF A DOG, not another Robin Askwith movie but a excellent Japanese thriller about the corrupt Police force

Wednesday 11th THE LAST DEFENDER is a concept trailer for an indie US Alien Invasion movie where the invaders look like robots fron the cult anime Evagellion! Slick action movie from Venezuela in THE ZERO  HOUR and the day was finished with a cyber thriller short SYNTHETIC WORLD. Thursday 12th kicked off with a Japanese comedy with SOUP OPREA but the trailer things got really strange that strange talking killing  food Blenders! with the trailer for Brazilan comedy thriller Reflections of a Blender, the day finished with the trailer for THAT GIRL IN YELLOW BOOTS a movie from india and this wasn’t your Bollywood type of movie. Friday 13th would it be unlucky for us, No thankfully!!! ‘Gegege no Nyobo’ is a trailer based on the movie adaptation of the popular tv series from Japan based on the life of Manga Artist Shigeru Mizuki  wife nunoe, Kat dennings in a coming of age drama thriller DAYDREAM NATION and we finish the day on a bang with the trailer for John Woo’s REIGN OF ASSASSINS, which look ultra cool!

Saturday 14th saw a trailer for a Japanese remake of the classic Patrik Swayze/Demi Moore movie Ghost Gosuto: Mo Ichido Dakishimetai with the role of the ghost now the woman.Terry Gilliam has been trying for years to creat a Don Quixote movie but it seems the Chinese have beaten him with a fantasy adaptation in 3D based on a famous Ming Dynasty Warrior. Whilst the American enjoy the Expendables & Scott Pilgrim, whilst we got bored on The Last Airbender Norway had the NORWEIGAN NINJA and check out these tv spots, we then finished off the day with TROUBLESHOOTER a Korean thriller which has a bit of fun element to it. Now we here for today Sunday 15th with two posts with a selection of some of the French speaking movies on offer with Trois Temps Apres La Mort D’Anna , Route 132 and L’Origine Di Cri all from the French Candian speaking parts but we also had Crime D’Amour (Love Crimes) with Ludivine Sagnier and Kristen Scott-Thomas a employee – boss relationship with the boss (Thomas) taking advantage of her employee who seeks sweet revenge for her abuse!!!

Well that was another quick week in the world of independent, arthouse and world cinema as usual please visit the blog I do try to at least update once a day, but I cant do everything myself like with this blog so your help would be fantastic. Be it telling about new great movies from around the world or arthouse/independant movie in the form of trailers, teasers, news, information where ever in the world you are Ill try post it at the blog (checkout the details at the end). As I get every week and I apoligise why do I have a menu with most of the pages with a coming soon or no info at all, as I just mentioned this blog and cinehouse are one person I dont do this full time, Im just a movie fan with a passion for movies and I want to share as much as I can but I need you guys to help me. Yes I have blank pages but theres not enough time in the world to do everything so help me out I will get them done eventually! see you all next week!

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