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Some Suggestions For A Last Minute Holiday, Check These Posters out

We’re now in the last part of the summer and you know when the summer is nearly over when the school kids are getting ready to head back to school for another year, but wait you want to go on holiday and havent been yet? So where can you go? I may have a few sugesstions of last minute breaks and you can check out the posters below for those breaks.

Below a 3 lovely looking posters from Lord of The Rings world 3 suggestions for your holidays: The Shire have a party evening with the hobbits with great chilled out daytimes to recover from the previous nights hangover. Or if total relaxtion why not head to Rivendell for some historic exploring as well or if your the sporty type head into the Misty Mountians for a great ski or snowboard before checking out the biggest underground caves and the hospitality of the Dwarves?!

these posters are the work of of steve Thomas and they just look perfect hanging someone ‘s wall? Well you can buy them go here to purchase and pass your comments to the artist here on his blog.

courtesy of LIVEFORFILMS


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