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Battle of The Girls: Scarlett Johansson Vs Blake Lively For Alfonso Cauron’s Gravity

Its been a long time since Alfonso Cauron’s sci-fi flick Gravity was announce and the same goes for Robert Downey Jnr as the lead man. There’s been so much specualtion on who his leading lady might be, but that speculation might be about to disappear.

Things went quite for a few weeks. In a climate of things gettting scrapped and so many things up in the air, it was a bit of unwanted time for Warner Bros, who could have pulled the plug on this; Especially after Angelina Jolie walked out on them, for not offering her full wack on fees. But some new speculation has arose that Scarlett Johansson is close to signing on the dotted line, to take over the female leadrole. There’s also a little bit of gossip doing the rounds that Green Lantern’s Blake Lively is now up for role now; despite the reports stating Cauron is ‘dead set’ on Johansson.

The gossip of both ladies in line for the same role, seems to be becoming more solid as time goes by. Heat Vision are reporting the same gossip and leaks have also said that Marion Cotillard apparently tested for the role as well. Her involvement has also been a long running rumour, but it now appears to have disappeared into a blackhole, so count her out.

The role both these woman will possibly play is an astronaut who gets lost in space and must find her way home to Earth. The movie can be described as a little on the experimental sidel, where the actress will be virtually on screen every single minute, ala Moon. So an actress, who has a presence that is comanding enough to carry through every shot, is needed. Though simply I don’t feel either actresses have that potiental; Gravity could be the ideal opportunity for them to prove they can  do it.

The other factor is their scheduling, both girls’ calenders are filling up very quickly, with other commitments. Johannson in line for a part in Old St.Louis, which is due to shoot this october. Lively is still performing in Gossip Girl, which we assume she is obliged to complete. Heat Vision say the actual filming may be due to start in February, which would count out Johannson AND Downey Jnr; as both of them are set to appear in The Avengers movie, that is due to start shooting in the same month!!

source ThePlaylist


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