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Warner Bros hire Harry Potter Writer to script GREEN LANTERN 2!

I have my reservations when talk is about a making a sequel to a movie thats not even been released yet in the cinema and the movie in question is Green Lantern. According to reports Warner Bros have hired the services of Michael Goldenberg who worked on the Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix along with the screenplay for the Green Lantern first movie which is due to be released June 2011.

As I said I have reservations about movie studio’s hiring people staff for a movie sequel  for a movie not even released and it just finished shooting over the weekend in New Orleans and is hust going into the lengthy post-production period. The move can be seen as suicidal as the movie the sequel is to be based on on can be a complete disaster and bomb at the box office or its a bold sign of confidence from the Warner Bros  chiefs that there movie will be a big sucess. Only Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes I can remember has used the same move and luckily for them the movie did do well, just but if Matthew Vaughn’s comments over the weekend that Superhero movies are going to die out, as in when that could happen and it will it’s hard to tell.

Then again talk of a sequel shouldn’t surpise anyone as back at Comic-con Geoff  Johns (comic writer) thought The Green Lantern was first part of a trilogy so if there’s talk of another movies think again there could be another one after that,who knows? If there is movie two and three thae talk is theey’ll be shot back to back.

This whole story looks like Warner want the thing to kick-off virtually right away but if its to be with Ryan Reynolds they’ll have to plan a schedule  because he may have a few projects to work with at Fox such as Deadpool. So talk of a movie two and three maybe a few years down the line.


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