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Vincent Cassel To Return For Eastern Promises 2

This weekend in 2009 the first part of the 2 part Mesrine movies Death Instinct hit the British cinemas with second part Public Enemy Number 1 coming 3 weeks later and now 1 year on the 2 movies sit proudly in my all time favourite movies. Next week in a limited release the same movies, the first part finally get  released Stateside (part 2 on August 27th).

The star of the movies is Vincent Cassel is undoubtly one of France’s biggest actor and probably biggest import into Hollywood thanks to movies like Brotherhood of the wolf which started to get him into roles though sometimes small. I did know about Vincent Cassel before but it was Mesrine that opened my eyes up to how versitle and how good an actor he is, I got the “I didnt realise he did that” moments alot when I looked back at what he has done. But one movie I watched recently on tv I did enjoy him in (as well as Viggo Mortensen) was David Cronenberg’s EASTERN PROMISES a movie set in the heart of the London Russian community and it’s underworld with Cassel playing Kirill a son of a Russian mobster boss who raped a 14 year old girl who came under there protection.

Whilst recently promoting Mesrine in America  but on set for his  A Dangerous Mind another Croneberg directed movie starring Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender, Keira Knightley the actor revealed that he had talked to David Cronenberg that Kirill will be back:

“We talked very seriously about ‘Eastern Promises 2’ and it’s going to be shot in Russia with Viggo and myself,”

Despite David Croneberg not been a fan of movie sequels apparently he is all for a sequel for Eastern Promises. Cassel will be seen shortly with Darren Aronofksy’s Black Swan where Cassel plays Korolyevna whom he has compared the character to George Balanchine the founder of the New York Ballet who used his sexuality to direct the dancers despite been regarded as a true artistic genius.

Cassel will also re-unite with Brotherhood of the Wolf director Christophe Gans for an big screen adaptation of French classic novel Fantomas which was also serilised in 1920’s silent movies and ressurected again in 1960’s;

“It’s going to be a huge action, supervillain movie, $70 million Euros, Jean Reno and myself, and it’s supervillains with high technology.” Like Mesrine, the title character is a master of disguise but not quite in the same way. “More in a techno way, I’d say.”

“I just finished another movie that might be really cool called ‘The Monk,'” he also told us. “It’s a gothic book from the 17th Century, and it’s about religion vs. life really, and I think it’s going to be pretty cool.”

If your American here’s links to trailers for Mesrine double bill and my reviews of the movies too:

Mesrine: Death Instinct: Trailer / Review

Mesrine:Public Enemy Number 1: Trailer / Review


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