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5 new poster/Banners for RESIDENT EVIL:AFTERLIFE have appeared online thanks to Screen Gems. The new posters are alot better than the previous German poster which looked like painful photoshop disaster and from these Milia Jovovich’s head and arm have beeen detached back in its right place now.

The new posters aren’t spectacular pieces of artwork just alot better presented, very simple though if you are a fan of the games as well as the franchise the characters are more recognisable than some teaser to make you guess what the movie is all about. I am keen to see this when it comes out (will be in 2D though) and I’m one of very few people who didn’t mind the movies and I will say this does look the best of the bunch as well as first to be created in 3D.

Mr Jovovich Paul WS Anderson has returned to direct this movie which does look like the last of  the franchise though dont be surprised if this movie is an sucess for them they may well milk that sucess dry and comeback for a fifth one, c’mon Saw 7 & Final Destination were both announced to be their franchises last flicks and now word is coming out they may not be now!!!

Resident Evil Afterlife will be out on September 10th in 2D as well as 3D.

check out the poster/banners: (source HeyUguys)


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