articles, cinemas, comeptitions, entertainment, films, movies, nesw & Gossip, news, news & Gossip, PEOPLE, POSTS, previews, trailers, Uncategorized, updates August Blog Rankings.. The People’s Movies is 15TH!!! is one of the leading search engines and news portals in Europe as well as UK and every month they compile  listings of the top blogs for a  the UK  How they score the blogs is all down to the various  categories  which range from politics, sports, techonolgy, music and of course Cinema! Everything from the blogs links, RSS Feeds, posts, etc determine how the blogs rank each month.

The Peoples Movies blog  joined Wiko Uk cinema rankings about 6-7 months ago and for a period of time the blog was ranking around 54-60th spot until July came when it jumped a massive 27th places to 30th best blog in the UK!! Now we’re in August and Wikio have kindly given me a sneak peek at August rankings which will be offically  out on August 10th and I’m pleased to say The People’s movies is now in the top 20 and sitting at 15th position!!!

Without been all soapy and bragful but this makes me really proud of how far Ive got with a blog that was struggling to get 25 people a month in November 2008 to averaging nearly 30,000 visits a month, so a big thank you to all the readers, the people who have contributed to the blog and still get involved! Same to all the people who follow my blog via RSS feeds, the facebook page (yes I’ve sold my soul check me out  Here ), social networks, sharing links basically anywhere a big thank you to you all!!! so Here’s to getting into top 10!!!

Do get yourselves involved by doing cinema & dvd reviews, sending me news scoops, sharing links, get involved anywhere as my blogs name says it’s thepeoples movies blog, your blog! email me at . I’ll also like to say the blog will soon be changing the url address in the next 2 weeks to a as I want to push the blog to the limits and move up so if your a regular here at the blog remember weekend of 19th-21st will be coming (stay tuned for updates).

To Know what ranking the blog is check the red wikio widget in the side banner

I’ve posted the top 30 list and if you have a blog why not add it to the rankings and see your movie blog head upwards, heres the Link:


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