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Trailer For Tony Scott’s UNSTOPPABLE


Yesterday news broke that Tony Scott could be involved in a adaptation of John Grisham’s The Associate but today we have the first trailer for UNSTOPPABLE his drama thriller from 20th Century Fox pictures.The movie stars Denzil Washington, Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson with the movie due out in the USA on November 12th possibly UK &Ireland too.

The movie is about an unmanned locomotive train which is spiraling out of control heading towards a town but the train has a deadly cargo of toxic chemicals and veteran engineer (Washington) and his Young conductor (Pine) must jump aboard the train preventing the train crashing at a vital curve in race against time.

The movie does sound very cheesy but some reason get that feelgood (or laugh good) factor with it doesnt look great but for some reason I want to see it! I wonder to get into starfleet do you need to get your train license? Well Kirk looks like he has too, boldly go where no starfleet captain has gone before!!! cheesy!!

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