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There’s Some Basterd wanted by Sony To Play a Spiderman Villan

No matter how talented or even how much enjoyed one actors performance on a movie, you wonder how long thye can actually live off “I starred in blah, blah, blah which was a hit what movie can you get?” attitude and to me Inglorious Basterds Christoph Waltz could be one of those actors. He was fantastic in the movie, to many was really the main star with Brad pitt really the co-star, he showed his true talents and what he could potientally do and makes you think why is he only been connected to comic-book movies?

In January 2011 we will see him in the remake of The Green Hornet as the villian and now ThePlaylist is reporting that sony entertainment are interested in having the Austrian  actor as the villian in Marc Webb’s Spiderman 3D reboot. Okay Waltz isn’t going to appear in every comic book releated movie he also has the small matter of Water For Elephants Frances Lawrence’s movie based on a sadistic animal trainer which has Robert Pattison as young vet who falls in love with Waltz’s younger onscreen wife (Reece Witherspoon) and guess what he’s the bad guy in all of this?! He does however about to kick-off shooting in Paul WS Anderson’s Three Muskateers remake which is of course based on a classical piece of literture but guess what? He’s one of the bad guys hes set to play Cardinal Richelieu!!!

In a time of economic crisis even the acting world is affected so saying no to every part thrown at you would be ethically wrong but chossing wisely the parts but virtually every part to play a badguy? If you are to play badguy it would be nice to see him in a intelligent flick or a smartly made movie like inglorious basterds,fun to make.

So who would he play if he was to be in Spiderman reboot? The rumours are saying The Lizard, I can also see him as The Vulture but in acting terms how financially rewarding would taking this project be? It seem majority of the budget has been blown on getting Andrew Garfield as well wasting  it on 3D technology (though give them due there creating the movie from the start with 3d cameras not the crappy post production). With the movie to start filming this December do expect the casting calls to speed up a little and if  this comes true Waltz would be in to take over from the part his fellow basterd Michael Fassbender was due to play, so would he be a tuetonic foe???

source Theplaylist


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