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Shiver Me Timbers Matees! Its the Queen Anne’s Revenge From Pirates Of The Carribean 4

Shiver Me Timbers Matee’s! The first image of The Queen Anne’s Revenge from Pirates Of The Carribean :Stranger Tides has docled at harbour for all of us to admire, aint she a beauty?

QAR is the boat of Blackbeard who is played by Ian McShane (44 Inch Chest, Deadwood) and its actually docked at a port in Haiwaii where Johnny  Depp & Co are currently filming new scenes for the forthcoming Pirates franchise movie 4. She is a cracker of a boat and the props department have created one fantastic looking boat thats very authentic looking as  very big too!

After the disappointing third movie (though still good) it’s a movie I am looking forward to see even though very few of the original cast still remain, you know you can rely on Johnny to give us some of Keith Richards style banter in the form of Captain Jack Sparrow humour.

Pirates of The Caribbean:Stranger Tides will be sailing into a cinema near you in May 2011, check out the ship below:

thanks to HeyUguys for this


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