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New Yogi Bear Banner Posters revealed – They Reveal too much

A new character banner/poster for Warner Bros YOGI BEAR movie has been released online. The movie is due out in UK on February 11th 2011 and last month we got a first look at the trailer teaser and this just looks terrible and to make things worse it’s in 3D. This is the live action movie with Yoig& Booboo CGI’d and this basically makes mockery of the classic Hanna Barbera carton that many generations of people have grown to love  and cherish.

Dan Akroyd & Justin Timberlake voice the animated Yogi and Booboo with Anna Faris, Tom Cavanagh ,Christine Taylor, Andrew Daly and T.J. Miller playing so called humans.

OurFriends at LiveForFilms got hold of a new character poster/banner  and they  noticed something a little dodgy for a kids movie. The poster w has a slogan  “Good things come in bears!” and you dont have to be a rocket scientist to have a phrase like that Yogi Bear standing so close to BooBoo right behind him!!! Come on guys its meant to be a family movie, a little consideration please!!!  On a slightly happier note as in terms of  posters other friends at HeyUguys have found two more banners that have been released via the movies website check them out below as well.

What do you think of the posters? The prospect of a Yogi Bear movie in 3D?


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