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UK Trailer & Poster For DOGPOUND

Fans of  recent movies such as A Prophet,  Hunger maybe want to check out this movie DOG POUND directed by young French Director Kim Chapiron (Sheitan). The movie premiered away back at Tribeca Film Festival and it was from there Optimum Releasing picked up the rights to the movie and as I said if you like the prison dramas I mentioned earlier you’ll like this with the only difference been DogPound is et in a Juvenile/Young Adults prison.

Even though the age group of the prisoners has changed its still  protray life in a prison and that the juvenile section of a prison is no different from the adult section, dark, intense dog eat dog world. The movie stars Adam Butcher, Shane Kippel, Mateo Morales and Lawrence Bayne with the movie been released in UK on 27th August.

Optimum Releasing have sent me the U.K trailer as well as the new poster and you can check out both of them below:

DOG POUND doesn’t hide its despair about the juvenile prison where its story takes place. From young French director, Kim Chapiron (who made 2006 film, SHEITAN), this drama is a chilling walk through a training ground for violence and aggression, able to stand up on its own bare-boned terms to comparisons with Jacques Audiard’s A PROPHET, DOG POUND follows three young offenders with a camera that couldn’t be closer to the skin. Cinematographer Andre Chemetoff sustains that tactility throughout the film, so the cramped spaces are felt as much as seen.


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