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The Interactive Trailer For Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

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source Yahoo

It’s nearly time for the world to experience something that is epic of epic epicness, the Scott Pilgrim Vs The World movie!!! Some of you may have already seen it plus there’s a few other screenings coming up before its 25th August release (or August 13th in USA) and the marketing for this movie has been excellent and today its notched itself up another level.

Thanks to Yahoo here is the interactive trailer for the movie and this 8-bit wonder is fantastic and there’s been a few interactive trailers in the past year or two but this is the best one so far! Basically its the theatrical trailer but you can click on any part of the screen at any time and you’ll be transported in Scott Pilgrim’s world and you can read, watch, listen to all the epic goodies on Scott and Co as well from the director Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright got his feature movie directorla career of to a blast with Shaun of The Dead then went downhill slightly with Hot Fuzz but Scott Pilgrim Versus The World the world is your oyster!!! I hope to see a screening of the movie around 19th if I dont the review will be out over the opening week.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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