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Another Fine New Poster For TRON LEGACY

At the moment I have one damm good reason to look forward to Christmas, well 26th December to be precise the much antcipated released of TRON:LEGACY! Our excitement was raised about ten notches after a new trailer for the movie was released over the Comic-Con weekend and the marketing for this movie I have to say well done Walt Disney your doing a mighty fine job here.

The adults who where kids when Tron came out are exstatic to see the follow up and they are now the parents so now many of their kids want to see this! I think the biggest coup for the movie was getting Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner back to reprise their roles they did 28 years previous so lets hope this will be a movie to remember for been fantastic rather than a massive letdown, I do think this will be great!!!

So below we have a new international poster and it looks brilliant showing Kevin Flynn or Jeff Bridges to me and you and though its a very minimal poster having the Tron logo and the colour pattern associated with the movie is as iconic as any classic movie. You maybe also thinking what is that writing say? Apparently it says ‘The Game Has ChangeD’ (its Russian), so are you excited to see this like we are here at Knucklehead HQ?

Thanks to HeyUguys for this poster


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