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Neil Jordan Takes on ‘Skippy Dies’

Neil Jordan is delving into the bookworld for next possible project as he signs up for ‘Skippy Dies’.

Jordan had recent sucess with the adaptation of Onedine  which starred Colin Farrell in a modern retake of the mermaid myth, it was on a limited release here in UK as well as America but sadly alot of people didnt get a chance to check the movie. Jordan however is well known for his work on many movies dating away  back to the 1980’s as well as 1990’s such as Crying Game, Michael Collins, Breakfast on Pluto and Jodie Foster in The Brave One.

Skippy Dies is an Booker-Prize listed  book from author Paul Murray and you may think its all about that annoying children’s television programme from days gone by about the Kangeroo but a book  about 2 unlikely roomates whom one is an mathematic genius( Ruprecht) the other(skippy) with a mother dying of cancer. Skippy is ben abused by the gym teacher and when he dies Ruprecht performs a number of whacky science experiments in an attempt to reach his friend from beyond the grave.

No release or production date has been set yet but the movie will see Jordan tema up again with his regular producers at Number 9 films and Lightwave productions whom he worked with on Onedine.

There is also the rumour that Neil Jordan along with the big screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s dark children’s fantasy The GraveYard Book which also has Chris Columbus connected too.



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