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Lee Pace To Star in Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn?

Pushing Daisies star Lee Pace could be joining the cast for Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn as he is in negotiations according to EW’s Hollywood Insider. The Bill Condon directed movie could see Pace play the character Garrett a good friend to Edward who helps the Cullen in their final battle against the Voltuiri, the character is described as an nomadic sandy longhaired adventurer who alludes to been a American Patriot.

Though to many its just another dodgy Twilight movie maybe but it could be the movie that gets him a little more recognition possibly more lead roles as he proved in the short lived Pushing Daisies he can play a leading role very well.  Lee Pace will be seen next week in British cinemas in Marmaduke the cgi talking farting dog movie for kids though is a more ‘intelligent’ movie coming soon too with Ceremony starring alongside Uma Thurman and Michael Angarano.

It’s expected all the regular cast will return for the final installment which looks likely to be made into 2 parts with the first movie scheduled for a November  18th, 2011 release with the part two sometime in 2012 and by no surpirse Summit Entertainment have jumped on the wagon to make both movies 3D. Bill Condon will be the new director taking over from David Slade who has now got knowledge that he created the best of the worse Twilight movies, Condon himself is a little more established directing Kinsey as well as the awful Dreamgirls.



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