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The Week In Cinehouse.No 4 – The weekly goings on at my other blog

Well another week has gone and here we are with the second installment of my weekly roundup of whats happened during the week at Cinehouse my other blog which focuses on the indie/arthouse and foreign movies through trailers, news,views,reviews, movie shorts. Please click on the links to go the trailer


Monday 26th July  – 1st August  2010

This week has been a bit of a poor week for new movie trailers possibly something to do with Comic-Con then again probably just a bad week at the office as there was several days of no trailers. Tuesday 27th we get the first trailer well more a promo for Mark Pellington‘s I Melt With You which is to be created from a micro budget starring Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, Christian McKay and robe lowe. Its hard to describe it just check out the trailer, like Monday there was no trailers for Wednesday but Thursday 29th we’ll start with a really bad trailer, that bad it makes The Room look like a oscar winning movie. Im unsure where in African possibly Uganda but watch the trailer for Who Killed Captain Alex and please dont wet yourself with laughter! It has acting that even the best of Hollywood would die for, special effects that James Cameron will want in Avatar 2 just watch it! Tsu Hark’s Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phamtom Flame aka D-PROJECT starring Andy Lau gets a second trailer in the bi epic period mystery drama from China, VREEMD-BLOED (The Odd One out) is a surreal tale from Holland about a young boy who is forced into the family’s trade of butcher, they are violent butchers but what looks like a long nightmare  could possibly have a surprising ending.

Saturday 31st July we kicked off with the offical trailer for the sundance hit documentary CATFISH which is getting a limited American Release, Danny Dyer has another limited cinema /straight to DVD movie with the indie UK horror BASEMENT. For those out there in moviefan world who like a weepie should check out the trailer for the Japanese movie Oniichan no Hanabi a story of an leukemia 16 year old sufferer who movies with her family to a small town to be close to the hospital and spends qaulity time with her reclusive brother. Now today Sunday 1st August a new month and thanksfully something to post starting with the french thriller LIGHTS OUT which actually was a last minute inclusion to this years Cannes Festival and is set in a Parisan school where students disappear leaving only some blood stains in the classroom, no one knows if there dead, ran away or even kidnapped.We finish with a rare treat for fans of Marc Caro and Jean Pierre Jeunet with a hard to find short movie from 1981 called BUNKER OF THE LAST GUNSHOTS running at 25minutes long

Well that was another quick week in the world of independent, arthouse and world cinema as usual please visit the blog I do try to at least update once a day, but I cant do everything myself like with this blog so your help would be fantastic. Be it telling about new great movies from around the world or arthouse/independant movie in the form of trailers, teasers, news, information where ever in the world you are Ill try post it at the blog (checkout the details at the end). As I get every week and I apoligise why do I have a menu with most of the pages with a coming soon or no info at all, as I just mentioned this blog and cinehouse are one person I dont do this full time, Im just a movie fan with a passion for movies and I want to share as much as I can but I need you guys to help me. Yes I have blank pages but theres not enough time in the world to do everything so help me out I will get them done eventually! see you all next week!
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